Grow Your Business With Visa Business Credit Cards

After all, you have your own business. You invest both time and money in it. But does it end there? It should not be. Your business will not grow automatically It takes determination, hard work and ready spending power to change your business well. If you are running high on dreams but are less on cash, then the Visa Business Credit Card program is a solution to your money problems.

Benefits of Visa Business Credit Card

Your company’s financial health can be complemented with a Visa Business Credit Card. Visa Business Credit Cards can provide instant cash flow to your company. The good thing about Visa Business Credit Card is that they come with other benefits, such as:

Visa Business Auto Rental Conflict Disadvantages

This benefit allows reimbursement of damages to vehicles due to theft or collision at any additional cost, unless certain conditions and conditions are met.

Travel & Emergency Assistance

Visas provide business credit card support when you need it. Also, as a cardholder, you are only a phone call away from the aid. What needs to be born, travel and emergency help will keep you in touch with emergency services. There is no additional charge for card holders. Immediate family members, associates and employees can also take advantage of this service.

Purchase security and extended protection

This benefit provides automatic protection to your retail purchases, at no extra charge. In the event of the purchase protection theft or damage, at the discretion of the provider, your Visa Business can replace, repair or reimburse selected items taken from the credit card. Extended protection doubles the original warranty period up to a full year.

Emergency Cash Delivery and Card Replacement

If your Visa business credit card is ever lost or stolen, support is just a phone call. Moreover, cardholders can get emergency cash advance 24/7, as well as card replacement.

Earn points and rewards

Visa Business Credit Cards offer many award and discount programs. Choose a card with the program that is most beneficial for you.

How do Visa Business Credit Cards help you?

Visa Business Credit Cards can help your business in a variety of ways. Visas provide you with tools for recording and reporting, providing bill paying facilities for easy tracking, and with Visa Information Source Selection, helps you manage your money through a simplified accounting approach. With Visa Business Partner Advantage, you are entitled to a discount on some products and services suitable for your business. Visas also provide updates, conference and event information and even online workshops to help you succeed in your company.


To arrive with a Visa Business Credit Card, Visa teams are best suited to accompany your Visa Business Credit Card to suit your needs.

Alaska Airlines Visa Business Card, for example, gives you control over your business expenses. You will receive travel awards at the same time with Alaska Airlines and its affiliates. 0% initial APR for purchase and balance transfer during the first 9 months. When it expires, the purchase and balance transfer rate ranges from only 6.99% to 9.99. Bonus miles are earned with every purchase and can be redeemed for travel on 11 airlines with over 700 destinations.

The same rate and initial APR offer is the Power Reward Platinum Visa Business Card from Bank of America. Power Reward Platinum Visa also offers several other awards different from business card travel. You can also choose a gift certificate, brand name business, and even cash awards.

Chase Platinum Visa Business Card offers 0% initial APR for 12 months. After the initial period of 12 months, Chase Platinum Visa Business Card provides the appropriate APR of 12.24%. Eligible purchases can earn you a 3% cash back reward. Other purchases make you eligible for a 1% cash back rate.

There are several other visa business credit cards prepared according to your needs. Visa is committed to helping you grow your business. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and you choose a visa, then be assured that you have chosen the right option.

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