Hero Destini 125 First Review and First Ride

Hero Destini 125 First Review and First Ride

Hero Maestro Edge is the cash cow for the manufacturer in the 110cc scooter segment. But seeking the share of all others in the premium 125cc segment, Hero has cut that cookie with Destini 125.

Now, if you think Destiny 125 is familiar, then it seems! Hero had shown the scooter back in the auto expo in February, although at that time, it bore the pair 125 bets. Masculine bodywork with smooth lines certainly reminisces other hero scooters. However, Destiny 125 Sports Chrome It is not enough to make a ton, but it is enough to make it, which shows a cut over its 110cc brothers and sisters. Combine shiny metal with an array of rich metal colors on offer and Destiny 125 justifies the blind ‘premium’ tag.

Hero Destini 125 First Review and First Ride

Another factor that defines a premium scooter is the list of features it offers. And compared to its direct competitors, Destiny 125 offers a lot like an external fuel filler cap and optional USB charging. However, Hero has equipped Destiny 125 with i3S technology, which was previously limited to only its motorcycles, which separates it.

This system closes the engine when a certain number of seconds is left on the idle, which causes a bit more protection of fossil fuels. And as easy as it seems, it turns back with only one touch of the rear brake and the turn of the throttle.

Nevertheless, Hero Destiny does not go away with its revolutionary features and provides decent storage space for utilitarian needs. There are two hooks in front of it; On the front of one seat front and one on the front apron The 19-liter boot is good enough to store half-face helmets and some other nick-nac. The boot also includes optional boot lights and USB charging ports that come standard as the VX version.

Destini 125 also provides an analog speedometer with a digital unit that displays the fuel level, tripmeter and odometer. The instrument cluster also has Side Stand Indicator and Service Du Indicator.


Destini 125 is powered by a 124cc, single-cylinder engine, which is placed in the CVT gearbox. This motor produces the power of 8.7bhp and the torque of 10.2Nm. Although these numbers are very similar to their rivals, but the decontamination of the Destiny 125 motor is not surprising. It also does not feel as fast as you would expect to be 125, although it should ensure better fuel efficiency figures.

In our little spin around the city, the telescopic thorns of Destini 125 and Monoshock worked well, pulled out small shocks and pits. The seat is also good for the plush and big riders. In addition, the scooter provides enough leg space which makes for comfortable ride.

No disc version is available and the stopping power comes with a combined braking system as the standard on both ends of the brake drum. While the initial cutting at the front end is not very pleasant, the rear offers excellent cutting and reactions.

Bearing the scales at 111.5kg, Destiny can not be the least lightweight scooter on the block, but it provides a very confident self-confidence balance at a slow pace. It also makes it easy to maneuver through tight turns and filter through traffic.

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In the price of Rs 54,650 and Rs 57,500 (both ex-showroom, Delhi) for the base and high-spec version, Hero has priced the price of Destini 125, compared to its competitors, Suzuki Access 125 and Honda Activa 125. Buyers who want a scooter who do not compromise on style while returning the figures of decent fuel efficiency.

Destini 125 provides a comfortable ride and its flicker gives it the pleasure of riding in the city. If only the hero had thrown in the LED lighting and a disc brake, then as an alternative, the Hero Destiny 125 could have been a better offer.

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