Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift First Drive Review

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Facelift First Drive Review

In reality, over 2.2 million units of Ciaz are sold and now have 34 percent market share at the compact sedan segment, which includes a tough competition. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz gave it a timeless look but it stayed long in tooth. It was time to upgrade Maruti Suzuki’s Ciaz also it occurred! The business launched Ciaz Facelift at India at appealing prices (in the future more).

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz was consistently a beautiful-looking automobile and today with Facelift, it’s an entirely different personality. The front end in the automobile is totally new! The grill with flat chrome slats was substituted with a new and sensual grill with’multi-pixel’ layout with chrome boundaries. Facelift functions for the brand new Ciaz, and with these new features the car appears really upmarket and tasteful.

On the back side, the brand new Ciaz includes a slightly twisted bumper with LED blends lamps! The chrome garnish at the floor increases the top appearance of the sedan…. All in all, the shape of the automobile stays the exact same and is seen from the profile, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz understands a fresh 16-inch metal with a gorgeous weathered grey finish. .

Measure in the cottage and you’ll observe a lot hasn’t changed. There’s a brand new 4.2 inch TFT instrumentation console that currently provides echo lighting. It follows that color varies based on the screen forcing routine. Other upgrades include new faux wood inserts and lace chrome inserts, which raise the superior quotient within the brand new 2018 Ciaz Facelift.

Not automatically Maruti promises to decrease costs using a refined petrol model and petrol with a fresh and more efficient drive. Obviously, a number of different attributes are added into Ciaz’s kitty. If that’s the scenario, we’re answering a very simple question – are your own upgrades sufficient to cut a test for this?


Do folks know that you’re in charge of a brand new cage rather than old? Valid question The response is dependent upon the version. By way of instance, the top-specific alpha version that you see here in images are readily separated from the incoming model. Other people need a bit curious appearance. Remember, there’s a new layout for 16-inch metal wheels and there are a number of chrome decorations on the back bumper. Beneath the version series, attractiveness changes are restricted to reddish front grille and bumper.

The grill is broad and unites the headlamps. We enjoy the microscopic charts of Chrome in addition to details such as web. Throughout a broad air dam, there’s a couple key competitive bumpers along with the key C-shaped frame for fog lamps.


Measure inside, and most of the things around you’re familiar. The design is still the same, therefore there isn’t any unpleasant surprises . All controllers come handy readily, and what’s more, they’re only kept at which you would like them.

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