Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

Mercedes-Benz S-Class vs BMW 7 Series

Ever since I was a child and had dreamed of a big owner Sedan, these two cars kept me in the night. Now, fortunately, my career option has given me the right equipment to finally give the child an answer – a Mercedes-Benz S 350D and a BMW 730 LD M Sport. Being a flagship sedan, these cars probably pack everything in a manufacturer’s car. This means that lots of Zuber jabber, which you can not be interested in. So today, we will follow and focus only on those things that matter and help you to choose as much as possible.

  • 7’s Headlamps shoot the laser (we are not joking!) In which there is a range of up to 600 meters, whereas in S there are 4 small lenses in 84 LEDs that can be pointed in different directions. Both are quite cool but in startup, S light shines on a little show which is quite special.
  • There are veins in the Kidney grill of intake that are open when the excessive cooling, while S ‘Grill gets a radar for adaptive braking and more. Apart from this, it gets a Mercedes hood ornament that adds a class to the design.
  • 7 has 19-inch wheels, 245/45 rubber front and 275/40 are on the rear side. On the other hand, S gets 18-inch wheels with 245/50 rubber on all four corners. When it comes to alloy design, then it is 7 which gets our vote to see that extra bit smart.
  • On behalf of the side, although slightly less than the 7S, it gives long thanks to its low heights and sharp turns around.
  • Even from the back, it is 7 which looks more aggressive, with a fast chrome line running on the taillamps.
  • The 7-series has a standout feature light carpet, which makes way for the car at night and really feels great.
  • Where 7 gets better street presence with its aggression, the S-Class does so with its own pride. If we choose one, then it will be 7 because it looks sharp and turns more head. S Look is now all familiar, thanks to the small sibling of its origin such as the mini clone.
  • There is an attraction of an old school in the cabin of the BMW 7 Series, but it has tons of technology. In the center console it has lots of buttons, which feel a little bit choppy. On the other hand, the S-Class gets a very clean cabin with at least hidden technology.

The touchscreen at the top controls all elements of the car: comfort, drive, information, settings and more. In-the-Infotainment screen, though not touch-sensitive, but it becomes a hassle when using 3rd party app like Apple Carple or Android Auto.

  • Both cars get rotary dials on the center console to control the system. S gets two small touchpads on the steering wheel, from which the screen can be controlled. Contains the left-hand Infotainment display and controls the left-hand instrument cluster. The good thing is that they are very comfortable to use.
  • The BMW 7 series also receives gesture controls in the cabin with which you can control the media player or call. But this feature feels more like a gimmick because those two things can be controlled more accurately through a steering wheel button.
  • The high quality beige leather covers the seats of 7 and it is also on the door pad and armrest, which makes the cabin feel premium. To add some prosperity, the polished wood is also used on the dashboard and doors.

S’s cabin gives you more special with matte finishwood running on the dashboard and flowing on doors, with vents for metal knots and ACs; And with the brownish beige theme, the metal element opposite the silver.

  • Between the two, S provides a better in-cabin experience. Its look is clean, premium and outdoors, it has the design flow and it looks more elegant.
  • As the exit from the large area of ​​glass, the 7th cabin gets slightly elevated. But the seats of S do a fantastic job around you, almost like a work.
  • The seats of the S are just fantastic. The shape surrounding the traveler feels like a hot throat. A special mention is made in the form of a head cushion, which feels that the head resting on the wings bed.

7’s rear seat is more spacious for three seats, and is also quite comfortable. But compared to S, it feels like a bench – though it’s a good one.

Both the panoramic sunroofs meet with the sliding rear section. The sunroof of 7 gets reflective elements which take the color of ambient light.

Speaking about, ambient light in S-Class looks better than 7. The colors are stronger and when they reflect light upholstery, the cabin almost completely takes the shadow of light. It basically runs on the dashboard and on the door pads.

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