Renault Kwid Climber AMT Review

Renault Kwid Climber AMT Review

Renault Kwid has always been the choice of youth in the entry-level hatchback segment. Its SUV inspired look, long feature list and low running cost have made it an ideal choice for youngsters. And for 2018, Renault has added more features to the package while maintaining the same price tags, which has increased its cost-per-money. Let’s take a look at what’s new in 2018 Kwid Climber AMT.

The design

When it comes to Lux, it was the first small car to try something new in Kwid Segment. For the year 2018, Renault has given new chrome elements, new side graphics and black wheel cap on regular variants such as Grill of Kwid Minor Cosmetic Makeover. However, Kwid Climber is not untouched.

A bold grill, long bonnet and big body cladding help it look like a mini-SUV. Apart from this, the climbers also have foox skid plates with roof guardrails, large fog lamps and side cladding and orange accents. In addition, there are also wheel caps, which mimic alloy wheels.

‘Climber’ badging can also be seen in front door, rear windscreen and inside the car. Overall, Kwid Climber looks attractive compared to regular models and is therefore also a better street presence.


Inside the climber, things are familiar. There is a delicious use of orange contrast on door pads, center console and seat upholstery. In addition, you get im clamber badges on the steering wheel and seats, which leave behind the inside part.

And then comes the first-class touchscreen entertainment system with navigation, Bluetooth, USB and Aux input. If these features are not enough, Renault has raised the bar with a reverse camera with the 2018 model, for the first time a boon for drivers is difficult to get out of and out of tight parking spaces.

And then there is a completely digital instrument cluster, in which there is a clean readout for speed. However, I wish this was a big font for the tour’s performance. In addition, the orange background of the cluster commends for the orange contrast of the climber.

First-class AMT dial in Kwid Climber continues. It changes the traditional gear lever with a knob which can be changed to either drive or reverse or ‘D’ or ‘R’.

The quality inside the cabin was never going to be Kwid’s stronghold. Plastics on the dashboard, especially at the center AC vents and buttons seem flare-up. Door pads use average quality plastic and the cabin is not able to fit premiums. Even the AMT dial looks a little difficult and a metal goes a long way in feeling too harsh.

He said, there are lots of storage options inside the cabin. Since there is no gear lever, the entire lower console acts as a storage bucket and the front area has more space for two cup holders, one 12V socket and knock-nac. There are also two glove boxes as well. Even the front door pockets have 1 liter of water bottles for cleaning clothes and small items like newspapers.

Speaking of space, Kwid’s rear seats have a flat bench, which can easily accommodate two adults or three children. There is also a decent legroom and headroom, provided you tick down six feet. 2018 Kwid Climber is very famous car in auto world now gets a rear seat armrest That look better than others. This facility is awesome, which in the absence of the above section cars in auto world, also helps in traveling more comfortable for the back seat passengers.

Most importantly, the 2018 Kwid finally receives a retractable seat belt for the back passengers, which had a great default in earlier models. In addition, there is also a new 12V charging socket in the rear.

Kwid not only fit four passengers comfortably, but also with their luggage. It packs the 300-liter best-in-class boot space, which is much higher than the hatchback from the above section. This can easily swallow a couple of suitcases and travel bags, making it ideal for a weekend road trip.

In short, compared to the standard model, Kwid Climber feels more youthful than inside. It has a load of practical storage options, facilities and space. If you can ignore the quality of the parts used, then it is a good place to stay in.

Engine and display

Kwid Climber still packs 1.0-liter petrol motor under the bonnet. It produces power of 68PS at 5500rpm and 91Nm peak torque at 4250rpm. The car we tested came with the 5-speed AMT. You can also buy with a 5-speed manual. With the 2018 update, Renault has finally introduced the Creep Function to AMT. This allows the car to move slowly in the drive mode and lets you move through the brake, so the drive becomes very smooth in bumper-to-bumper traffic because the driver does not have to use throttle pedal to go now.

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