Top WordPress Translation Plugins

Top WordPress Translation Plugins

With translation wordpress plugins using by admin it’s good plugin, you have two main translation methods in wordpress website:

Manual translation:

You must actually write each personal translation, or you have to hire someone to do this. It’s more time consuming and expensive, but it ensures that your translations are correct.

Automatic translation:

Your site will be automatically translated by the computer How Google Translate Works It’s easy and fast, but can cause errors and weird phrases because computer translation is not 100% silly.

You can also adopt a hybrid method where you automatically translate your site and then go back and manually correct any errors.

Some of these plugins allow you to use both methods, while others focus more on just one approach. You should make sure to choose the plugin that meets your unique needs.

I will ensure that it is clear which method (s) supports each translation plugin.


WPML is one of the most famous WordPress translation plugins. Despite being available only in the premium version, it is widely popular to help you create a multilingual site and has many features.

What a great fact is that all your translated content is SEO-friendly. WPML creates a 100% unique version for your translated site, which Google can fully index. And you can also choose how to prepare your different translation versions. So how can Many coder actually and many times translate your site’s content with WPML? but many case it’s using them. By the way, the default translation is on the manual. But it is also possible to automatically translate your content with WPML.

If you select an external service that provides automatic translations, you can automatically translate your site.

WPML starts at $ 29 if you are serious about building a multilingual website, I highly recommend the $ 79 Multilanguage CMS scheme.

2. Welgot

Weblog takes a completely different approach to wordpress translation. It can be a little expensive depending on your needs, but it is also very convenient and has some great time-saving features.

Weglot translates 100% of your site, even small details like your Yoast SEO meta headings and details. And  Many Times it is also creates an SEO-friendly URL and wordpress website structure and website ranking high with google that Google can crawl and index.

The only potential thief is the price. Because Weglot uses SaaS Billing, so you have to continue paying to use the Weglot service (while there are several other translation plug-ins for once fees).

Veggatl offers a limited free plan so that you can translate up to 2,000 words in one language. After that, payment plans start at € 9.99 per month.

3. Polling

Active on more than 400,000 sites, Polylang is one of the most popular free translation plugins on

The free edition allows you to manually translate most of your site content. You can either use the String Translation Editor for site title and theme text, or you can use a different WordPress editor interface to translate different pieces of content:

4. GTranslate

At least in its free version, GTranslate is much more basic than any other plugins in this list. Rather than creating a different multilingual version of your site, it lets you add a drop-down widget with the country flag where users can dynamically translate their site using Google Translate.

5. Loco translation

According to numbers, Loco Translation is the most popular translation plugin on – Active on over 700,000+ sites.

Although it is not similar to other plugins, however, it is more focused on localization than providing full content translation management. It is a good choice for translation, but not necessarily to create a multilingual site.

For example, there is no language switcher. Instead, it is more focused on helping you make your site local. For example, it makes it easy to translate all the lessons in your subject into your native language. To do this, you can use the in-dashboard PO editor. If you are not familiar, PO Editor is a popular translation method where you basically see:

Original translation on the left
Translated version right

6. Translation

Finally, TranslatePress is a relatively new freemium translation plugin that sits in the middle of something like WPML / Polylang and Weglot.

That’s it, it offers a lot of weblog, but for a one-time fee inside your WordPress dashboard.


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