TVS Apache RR310 First Ride And Review

TVS Apache RR310 First Ride And Review

It’s been almost a year since I started using Apache RR 310 as my long-term motorcycle. And, we have spent many quality time together. We went on a 2,000 km ride south of India; We spent three days on the MMRT race track in Chennai; And, of course, the Mumbai traffic was countless monuments battling heat and humidity.

Apart from reporting on the aforementioned joints, we also listed Hits and Mrs for RR Mid-Way through the long term tenure of the bike. And now, when it’s time to wrap things, we thought it would be worth re-viewing to see the report whether the bike was successful in changing our minds in those cases.

Good waves

We had listed three things under the ‘Misses’ column in our report – the noise of the engine, no actual grab rail to speak, and vibration. This situation is similar in case of lack of engine noise and grabbing rail.

Therefore, RR is still difficult to walk during the park, and the engine noise is still something that needs to be done. And there is nothing to look forward to on this RR. However, there has been a drastic decrease in the vibrations of Apache in the past three months and 3,000 km. In fact, they are not troubled any more. Nor did Vibes leave us recently with Buzz or a numb hand.

Hit machine

In the meantime, RR 310 had a very beautiful ‘hits’ column. Quality for RR remains very big positive. This paint finishes, fit, as well as operability. Apart from this, there is still no rattle, no rust or a loose panel to deal with.

Comfort is a strong suit for Apache. Whether it is a cushion seat, the quality of plush rides, light control, or baked legs or thighs etiquette, lack of good engine heat management, RR feels completely at home even on a slow, extreme hourly movement. If anything, a little more power for the front brake makes the right wrist happy. Since today things are standing, it hurts after a long day.

But in the case of progress and cutting, and also reaction to that matter, the brake does a good job. Other positive for Apache includes a tractable engine, a crisp and analog throttle response, extensive instrumentation and a design that guarantees the eyeball.

To buy or not to buy

When we started the trial, RR 310 was priced at 2.05 lakh, ex-showroom. Today, after the price increase, it is more than Rs 2.14 lakhs. And it turns on-road prices in Mumbai for a little over 2.51 lakh rupees. It still makes about 40,000 cheaper than faster and committed – but the CTM RC 390 is more uncomfortable, tight and hot. If you want a twin, it is also ninja 300 to consider, but its price is more than one lakh.

As we see, the RR310 is a great value. Not only is this affordable in its class, it is very good to see, it is easy enough to ride daily to be a daily driver, and although it is not putting blisters quickly, but it is not only on your face Puts a smile, but lives on Sunday very fast.

The tail bag sits very high. But surprisingly, dealing with this did not have the same effect as I thought. With the strength in the bag, it is easy to sit, but there was a little snug with my bag. This kind of work, however, as we realized that sitting further on the seat gives more comfort in the long run.

The motor is definitely. It goes from 80 kmph to 120 kmph, provided you shift to the fifth gear. This makes it easy to overtake slow motorists as little as to open the throttle. Compared to a thing like RC 390, where there is additional performance on the tap, you will find more often downshopping to keep yourself.

TVS Apache RR310 First Ride And Review

He said, RR 310 is much cooler than RC 390. Even after riding an afternoon in the coastal city of Kailaut, these fans were not even started. And when this happens, the heat is directed downwards and away from your feet.

RR also offers a better range. On the ride, it gave us a limit between 320 km and 350 km and returned the fuel efficiency of around 32kmpl. Despite this, due to limited range of KTM we often prevented fuel. In fact, every time we stopped to refuel, RR 310 had a range of 100 kilometers left.

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