Yamaha FZ25 First Ride and Review

Yamaha FZ25 First Ride and Review

Almost 11 months and 7000kms later, it is time for me to bid adieu for one of the most preferred elongated conditions, Yamaha FZ25. In the past year, this quarter-liter Yamaha has enjoyed a lot. We traveled 3500 kilometers long in the south, spent a terrible day on the track and it was my favorite companion for every day traffic.


This is a beautiful looking bike. FZ25’s design caters to a wide range of buyers and is a great move by the company. Apart from this, three selected colors go well with aggressive and sharp crease on the bike. To make it up, the paint finish and overall quality aspects are really well taken care of.

FZ25 is the highest comfort, especially on long hair. The quality of the ride is good. Seat ergonomics is excursion as well as city friendly and the seat is wide and well crafted. In addition, saddle bags and tank bags fit properly. There is also a place on the handlar to install the phone charger and phone holder.

He is a gemstone of 250cc single-cylinder motor. Lots of torque on low and mid-range It’s also fuel-efficient. Vibes are, yes, but not so bad that it should be made a deal breaker.

No-So Positive

250cc bike with no ABS! Do not feel good, right? Even a single-channel system has done miracles too. But Yamaha decided that till the ABS norms did not slip down. The engine feels a little rigid after spending more time on Revs. Gearshifts are also slightly cluny.

While the LED headlamp on FZ25 looks stunning, it does not throw the required light on the road. The lights are not up to the mark. FZ25 could do with better front brakes. There is currently a lack of power and bit, especially when riding fast.

To buy or not to buy

To make things smaller, the FZ25 is a good all-rounder motorcycle. It provides good value, thanks to its practicality and versatility. It looks great. As a daily companion, FZ25 did not disappoint you and for the weekend ride, there is enough performance in the engine to cover the mile with ease. If you buy this Yamaha, there is no reason to be the owner of the second bike. FZ25 will quench your thirst.

Bike Stats

Odometer: 7600 km

Kilometers in the month: 80 km

Average of this month: 34kmpl


Yamaha made its name in the Indian bike market as a demonstration brand. YZF-R15 was a testament about Yamaha: the joy of displaying and riding. Somewhere down the line, the focus was on scooters because the profit is right there. However, Yamaha can not ignore the entry-level sports bike segment of the level from 200cc to 400cc in India.

The WZF-R3 was brought, but not due to its capabilities, but its high asking price and the presence of formidable players such as Kawasaki, Honda, and notably due to the KTM did not have much impact. Yamaha needed nothing in not only sub-50 space, but there was a need for some more affordable. Something out of the box

Ride and Handling

The ride situation is similar to FZ16 – sporty is comfortable enough for long ride yet. Large 14-liter tank has large knees which are also useful for tall riders. To adjust the wide handlebars, there is also a holiday in front of the tank. Both rider and pillion seats are wide and provide the right amount of cushion. They are quite comfortable and you should cover a distance of 100 kilometers without any difficulty.

FZ25 has a diamond-shaped frame and has a 1360 mm wheelbase, which is 20mm smaller than YZF-R3. A small wheelbase with a light front end confirms FZ25 being light on its feet. It can be partially attributed to the germination weight of 148 kgs. The front end looks light and fast, there is a boon in the city. Front 41mm forks and rear monocock are well tuned and do not compromise with Ride Quality. Ride is on the firear, but it absorbs poor roads and pits very well.

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